DIPPO is extremely easy to customization to any numerical problem. DIPPO is able to integrate new applications using all the functionalities of the DIPPO repository and turns it into an end user application (product). The integration possibilities involve either the graphical user interface customization (providing tools to completely modify menus, windows or toolbars).

DIPPO Characteristics
  • DIPPO can generate all the information (structured and unstructured meshes, boundary and loading conditions, material types) directly from the digital image required for the numerical analysis.
  • The development of DIPPO has been focused on the user needs and on the simplicity, speed, effectiveness and accuracy required at input data preparation and results visualization levels.
  • DIPPO, its modularity to allow scientists and other research integrate new algorithms for new applications.
  • DIPPO can integrate real data and numerical simulations in one unique interface allow to scientists transform the medical image in a numerical problem.
DIPPO applications


6 videos

Aorta is an advanced 3D-4D high definition viewer from DICOM images in real time. Aorta is able to read and process 2D-3D Phase-Contrast MR Images.


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Segmentación Cerebral is an advanced 3D high definition viewer from DICOM images for tumor segmentation and quantification.

Medular Segmentation

1 image

Segmentación de la médula is an advanced 3D high definition viewer from DICOM images for medulla segmentation and quantification.

Acero Pro

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Acero Pro is an advanced 2D-3D high definition viewer from JPG images for material differentiation and quantification.

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