CIMNE obtains a Product Grant by AGAUR for its proposal of inflatable breakwaters

CIMNE has been awarded one of the “Knowledge Industry grants for 2018. Modality B. Product Grants” by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR). CIMNE has obtained one of the grants among the 26 proposals for funding, from 147 submitted. The awarded CIMNE propo...


OKO launches the OKO Smart Make Up in the Innovation Days by Melià

On March 27-28th, 2019, OKO has presented its OKO Smart Make Up as a worldwide exclusive in the Innovation Days by Melià held in Hotel Palma Bay Mallorca, which is directly connected with the Congress Palace. The event was held in the Eivissa Room and c...


VAC-2019-09 - Grau en Enginyeria Civil

Hiring resolution Número de places: 2 Categoria: Research Engineer – RENG 5 Localitat i centre de treball: Barcelona, Grup de Recerca CENIT (CIMNE) Remuneració bruta anual: 20.807,87 € Jornada laboral: 40 hores setmanals i horari de DL a DV de 9.00-14.00 i ...


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Eugenio Oñate, the researcher with highest h-index of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Recently, it has been published the twelfth edition of Webometrics Ranking of Spanish researchers and researchers working in Spanish Institutions (Spain) according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles. This edition data was collected during the last week of February 2019...


Javier San Mauro has been awarded exaequo the prize "Carlos González Cruz 2018" for his PhD thesis

CIMNE researcher Dr. Javier San Mauro has been awarded the prize "Carlos González Cruz 2018" (exaequo) for the best PhD thesis related with hydraulic and dam engineering delivered by the Technical University of Madrid. On February 11th, 2019, the prize was given during the graduation ceremon...

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