Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Prof. Theofanis Strouboulis from Texas A&M University visits CIMNE

On May 9th 2018 Prof. Theofanis Strouboulis from Texas A&M University in the United States visited CIMNE. During the visit, Prof. Strouboulis met with researchers from the CIMNE offices in Barcelona and Madrid working on the modelling and analysis of the mechanical behaviour of railway bal...


The Open Access publication platform Scipedia in “El Confidencial”

The newspaper "El Confidencial" has just published an article entitled "Elsevier paralysed a key law to protect its millionaire monopoly in Spain" about the high price that universities and research centres pay to the scientific magazines for their subscriptions. The article approach the f...


CIMNE, member of the new Spanish Research Network for Cardiac Computational Modelling

The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is one the promoters of the network V-Heart SN. This network, composed by a total of nine universities and research centres, is intended to make the use of virtual hearts easier by employing computational models in daily clinical ...


CIMNE launches its online bookstore

CIMNE, with a long tradition as a book publisher, goes one step further in its quest for scientific outreach and has launched its own bookstore. From CIMNE bookstore books, monographs, scientific reports and educational software on the theory and applications of numerical methods in engine...


CIMNE presents Scipedia at the Spring School of the ACER

The R+D centre CIMNE has participated actively in the Spring School for scientific communicators of its different members organized by the Catalan Association for Research Entities, ACER. The event has taken place in June 22th, 2017, at the Torre Marimon, in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona), where the ...


CIMNE participates at the European Environmental Ports Conference 2017 as a partner of STM project

From left to right: Jordi Jiménez (CIMNE), Jesús Carbajosa (CIMNE), Adriano Howlett (ACI), José Anselmo (European Commission), Pedro Arnau (CIMNE). ACI’s European Environmental Ports Conference 2017 has taken place in Antwerp, Belgium, on 7th – 8th June 2017. The ev...

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