Friday, January 20, 2017
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The smart frame OKO, marketed in Europe and US

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Group of CIMNE has launched OKO, the first intelligent smart frame to the market that allows the user share images and multimedia content (videos, music, reminders…) sent from a mobile phone in real-time, in cooperation with the spin-off of...


CIMNE will develop two international R&D projects on the effects of the polar thaw in naval engineering

CIMNE has signed recently two new R+D contracts with the Office for Naval Research (ONR) of the USA and the European Research Council to study, through the development of numerical methods, the movement of merchant vessels by polar routes and the effect of the impact of icebergs with oil rigs and to...


PMS’s yachts maintenance system, awarded at the Salón Náutico

PMS, the spin off of CIMNE dedicated to the development and marketing of mobile pavilions incorporating multimedia technology, has been awarded the Innovation Award by the Salón Náutico. The company participated actively at the event that took place from 12th-16th October 2016, at Port...


Inflatable pavilion of CIMNE-Eurecat in SPIN 2016

CIMNE, through its spin-off company Portable Multimedia Solutions, S.L. (PMS), has designed and built for Eurecat a light-weight pavilion of star shape formed by a collection of inflatable tubes that allows 3D sound experiences. This pavilion is the first airtight structure designed and ma...


CIMNE collaborates in the build of the biggest no manned European vessel drone

Ferri industries with the collaboration of ICT department of CIMNE and Vigo University build the biggest no manned European drone named "Victoria". The vessel is 100% autonomous and managed by Artificial Intelligence. These technologies have unlimited applications and can be applied to any kind of ...


CIMNE participates in new flight tests of Skydragon

The Aeronautical Group of CIMNE supported the activities of the german company Trans Atmospheric Operations (TAO) during one week in June 2016. In this period, TAO performed several flight tests of the segment balloon for the Skydragon high altitude platform. CIMNE, which has collaborated...

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