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AEROCHINA2 is a 24 month project co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Community and by the China Aviation Industry Corporation 1 (AVIC1). It is managed by the European Commission as a Coordination and Support Action.


Numerous solvers, modelling, design optimisation and experimental tools have been developed and used until recently both in Europe (mainly though EC funded projects) and in China and have proven to be of significant value in many industrial applications, when not treating explicitly the coupling due to the multidisciplinary effects. So far, the correct use of such single discipline codes is limited to specific range of applications. Despite recent efforts, there is still a lack of initial information on available methods, codes and experiments related to loosely and strongly coupled multidisciplinary problems in aeronautics in Europe and China, involving two or more different fields (such as fluid/structure, fluid/acoustics, fluid/heat transfer, structure/acoustics, pollution flows, composite materials, etc.) and emphasizing the importance of human aspects and flexible integration on collaborative environments.

The aim of the AEROCHINA2 CSA is to identify and implement future collaboration between Europe and China for the solution of multidisciplinary design problems in aeronautics. This will be achieved by prospective studies aiming to collect, to store and to disseminate, on an individually or group basis, the existing knowledge in Europe and China in the field of multiphysics modelling, simulation, experimentation and design in aeronautics. As mentioned above one of the key objectives is to identify RTD areas of mutual interest in the field.

A specific Web-based Communication System, AEROCHINA based new EU-China Database and also Collaborative platform will be activated by CIMNE and INRIA with the coordination of CAE for the Chinese component for reproducing sharing knowledge concepts by collaborative teams. This environment will include the necessary facilities for compiling and disseminating multidisciplinary analysis and test data in numerical and graphic form. The AEROCHINA2 Communication System will also be a day-to-day communication tool between the European and Chinese partners and the EC officers for exchanging all kind of information related to the project.

CIMNE - International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering