Friday, September 21, 2018
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Mechanical Analysis
Non-linear FE solver including contact interaction.

Mechanical Analysis

COMET is a FE-based platform designed to solve highly non-linear analysis including frictional contact. COMET is useful to solve either quasi-static analysis or dynamic problems in both small and large kinematic frameworks..

Thermal Analysis
FE solver for transient problems including phase-change process.

Thermal Analysis

COMET is prepared to solve thermal problems including temperature dependent material properties and phase-change analysis. Both steady-state and transient problems can be handled. COMET allows the definition of boundary conditions in terms of heat convection and heat radiation.

Coupled Analysis
Based on staggered algorithm for a fractional multi-step solution.

Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Analysis

COMET has been designed to solve coupled analysis such as the thermo-mechanical problem. The solver is based on a staggered algorithm allowing for a fractional multi-step solution.

Flexible Research Environment
Customizable R+D environment for academic or industrial applications.

Flexible Research Environment

COMET is the perfect R+D environment to explore possible solutions to complex academic or industrial challenges.