The COMPDESMAT Reseasrch Group is composed by around 20 researchers including professors, senior scientists, postdocs and PhD students.

The research line of the group is focused on Computational Material Design and is bases on the synergic exploration and development of three axial research fields:

  • Computational multiscale material modeling (CMM) based on the bottom-up, one-way coupled, description of the material structure in different representative scales.
  • Development of a new generation of high performance reduced-order-modeling techniques (HP-ROM), in order to bring down the associated computational costs to affordable levels.
  • New computational strategies and methods for the optimal design of the material meso/micro structure arrangement and topology (MATO) in engineering materials.

Cross-fertilization between Computational Mechanics and Materials Science has proven to bring new opportunities for many innovative engineering areas that are currently locked by the complexity and limitations involved in computational materials design. By combining the three main research axes in Computational Material Design the COMPDESMAT research group has successfully opened a number of material design research lines such mechanical, acoustic and thermal metamaterials and smart material catalogs for industrial multiscale analysis.

Monday, February 18, 2019
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