Week 1: Advanced numerical methods and constitutive modeling

The aim of this intensive course is to address the issue of advanced numerical simulation tools, applications to fluid flow and composite materials, pre- and post-processing graphical techniques and computer programming. The schedule will allow for break-out sessions for the participants to get hands-on experience of running some of the advanced computer software provided. This 40-hour course is organized in five days as follows:

Week 1

Week 2: Bioengineering

This course is intended to give students specific knowledge on bioengineering analysis and design. The curriculum in week 2 will also include a session devoted to the basis of the boundary element method. Some techniques for numerical modelling of prostheses will be discussed. Medical imaging and lubrication topics will also be addressed. Other applications will also be shown and discussed. Two field visits to medical care centres are programmed. The week also includes a one-hour daily workshop for discussion. This 40-hours course is organized in five days as follows:

Week 2

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