Monday, October 15, 2018
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start of project

Finally project will start on January the 1st.Kick off meeting will take place in Barcelona, January the 14th, with a follow-up working day.This is a propossal for the project's logo:

October 2018
VELaSSCo in a nutshell

In the actual Peta-scale era, simulations are being run in thousand of nodes, and so the results are being generated in a distributed way. Analyzing and visualizing these result is becoming a challenge, and more so in the next-to-come Exa-scale era. On the other hand scientists also need to analyze thousand of simulations which are not always centralized.

VELaSSCo brings Big Data expertise into the computer simulation field in order to better manipulate and analyze distributed simulation results to be visualized by the engineer specific visualization clients and tools, like GiD or iFX.

In progress:

This web-site is under construction. In a few days the new web-site will be on-line. Thanks for your patience.