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Ref: L57

This volume consists of thirteen selected papers that derive from the second ERCOFTAC conference on Mixing in Geophysical Flow held in Vilanova i la Geltru, Barcelona, Spain in March 1997. Some of the papers were presented at the conference while others were written specifically for this volume. Mixing in geophysical flows presents special challenges to fluid dynamicists and modelers, as it includes effects of stratification, the rotation of the Earth, and chemical and biological processes. Significant mixing is associated with turbulence, which in itself is a proorly understood area of fluid dynamics. In the presence of these complicating effects, the understanding of turbulence in natural flows is even more difficult. The papers presented here provide an example of the different techniques used in laboratory, numerical or field work that help to understand the nonhomogeneous and non-isotropic flows that produce Turbulent Mixing in geophysical Flows

Author: P. F. Linden, J.M. Redondo
Year: 2001
Editorial: CIMNE
Notes: 319pp

Contents: - On particle dispersion processes in 2D turbulence by A. Babiano - Convection from a local source of buoyancy with and without rotation by B.M. Bouhnov nd P. B. Rhines - Instability and mixing in stratified shear flows by C.P. Caulfield - Geophysical turbulence: A theory and laboratory experiments by Y.D. Chashech Lin - Small-scale processes in geophysical flows by H.J. S. Fernando and D. C. Smith - Mixing efficiency of different kinds of turbulent processes and instabilities by J.M. Redondo - Some observations of waves and turbulence in the atmospheric biundary layer by J. M. Rees - Mixing by breaking internal gravity waves by C. Staquet, P. Bouruet-Aubertot and C. Koudella - Current status of studies on mixing processes in the atmospheric by J. Vila-Guerau de Arellano, S. Galmarini and J. Chart - Jets and vortex structure formation and interactions in stratified and rotating fluids by S.I. Voropayeu - Geophysical examples of turbulent buoyant plumes by A. W. Woods - On peculiarties and similarities of the coherent structure formation in stratified and rotating fluid by A. G. Zatsepin - Large-scale quasigeostrophic vortices and their transport properties by V. Zeitlin - Author index

ISBN: 84-89925-98-4
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