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Coastal aquifer exploitation and management need quantitative approaches and answers, to solve present problems and to analyse future aquifer management scenarios under changing abstraction patterns and even a progressive modification of sea water level. The 46 papers presented to the 12th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting held in Barcelona, on 1-6 November, 1992, reflect the different approaches and research, the quantitative methods currently applied and the trends. The reader will find an approach to current work on salt water intrusion into aquifers, including state-of-the-art papers, as well as orientation for studies and groundwater resources evaluation in coastal aquifers. Also other aspects of salt water intrusion into aquifers are dealt with, such as salt dome related problems and arid climate induced salinization. The different papers have been grouped into five sections to cover basic and chemical aspects, modelling and models applied to real situations, and survey methods and monitoring.
Author: E. Custodio y A. Galofré
Year: 1993
Editorial: Ed. CIMNE
Notes: 767 pp.
ISBN: 84-87867-26-X
Contents: General aspects of salt water intrusion (7 papers). Chemical aspects of saltwater intrusion (11 papers). Numerical modelling of salt water intrusion (9 papers). Numerical modelling applied to management of salt water intrusion (11 papers). Survey and monitoring of salt water intrusion (8 papers).

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