Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Research focus is on numerical methods, continuum mechanics, constitutive models for material prediction, failure and fatigue failure analysis, composite materials and multiscale procedures for material characterization. These different research topics are applied to all engineering fields, specially to civil engineering, aeronautics and naval engineering.

He has participated in 11 national and international competitive projects and in 7 non-competitive projects with industry. Of those, he is currently working in three European projects, being CIMNE’s PI in all of them. In one of them, ECO-COMPASS, it is studied the feasibility of incorporating eco-composites in the aeronautical sector. Another one, ACASIAS, is proposing several multi-functional structures applied to aeronautics. And in the main aim of the third one, FIBRESHIP, is to develop the required technologies for designing and constructing large length ships made of composites. He is also the IP of a non-competitive project to develop a technology to self-assess damage in railroad bridges.

He is researcher at CIMNE and professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He is member of the Entrepreneurial Council of UPC. He is also member of the Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC) bureau and co-editor of the journal published by AEMAC, “Materiales Compuestos”.

He has 23 publications in referred journals, most of them in Q1, 4 publications in other journals, 8 books and book chapters, and has participated in 39 national and international conferences. According to Scopus, he has a H factor of 10. He has also one Spanish patent: “System to store oil and other oil-derivate products and oil-tanker provided with such system”.

Xavier Martínez 

PhD, Civil Engineer


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Researcher ID: K-3581-2014

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