Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Highlighted presence of CIMNE researchers in the Webometrics ranking

Research ranking

In December 2016, Webometrics has published an updated list of the most cited Spanish scientists. The study, based on citations from Google Scholar, includes 52 researchers of CIMNE among the 23,578 most cited scientists of Spain.

Also, we note the presence of seven CIMNE scientists in the top 1,000 list: Prof. Eugenio Oñate has the 123rd position in the list with an h-index of 64 and 15,179 citations; followed by Prof. Antonio Gens, that occupies the 275th position (h-index 53, 12575) and Prof. Eduardo Alonso, the 501th position (h-index 46 and 10267 citations). Also are highlighted in the ranking Prof. Antonio Huerta, in the 557th position (h-index 45 and 8504 citations); Prof. Ramón Codina, in the 715th position (h-index 42 and 6732 citations); Prof. Sergio Idelsohn, in the 776th position (h-index 41 and 6729 citations); and Prof. Javier Oliver, in the 837th position (h-index 40 and 8111 citations).

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CIMNE, 18th research center in Spain and 395th in the world

CIMNE is ranked in the 18th position on a list of 528 research centers in Spain in terms of production and scientific activities. In the world ranking, CIMNE is in the 395th position in a list of 7,353 research centers worldwide. In terms of number of papers and citations for each academic domain, CIMNE is positioned at number 98 in the world. This classification is based on the database of Google Scholar Citations (GSC).

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