Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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CIMNE, new member of the Spanish Aerospace Platform

Logo PAEOn January 2017 CIMNE has become a member of the Spanish Aerospace Platform (PAE, in its Spanish acronym). This association has the mission to serve as an aeronautical and space research advisory body in Spain and to keep the Aerospace Strategic Research Agenda updated.

The group leader of the Aerospace Engineering Group at CIMNE, Dr. Jordi Pons i Prats, explains that CIMNE, as a R&D center specialized on numerical methods wants to “contribute to PAE with its experience to promote the generation of knowledge in the aerospatial field in particular and its transfer to companies. CIMNE also intends to improve the use of simulation techniques and numerical techniques for the competitiveness of the Spanish aerospatial sector in Europe and worldwide”. CIMNE also searches the interaction with other stakeholders in the field in Spain to improve synergies and strengthen scientific and technological relations.

General Assembly PAE

As a new member, CIMNE has participated on February 3rd, 2017, in the General Assembly of the PAE held at CDTI in Madrid. The meeting was attended by 74 persons representing 37 Members and 9 Stakeholders of the Platform PAE includes 62 entities (48 Members and 14 Stakeholders). During the meeting, Airbus presented a Strategic Aeronautical Guide and institutions like CTA, INTA and CATEC presented their R&D lines in aerospace engineering.