Monday, February 18, 2019
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Lecture Series: Women researchers at CIMNE
CIMNE (International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering) will celebrate The International Day of Women and Girls in Science through a special event held at CIMNE Headquarters at UPC Campus Nord (Building C1, 2nd floor), on 7 February 2018.
This event will start the “Women Researchers Lecture Series”, that CIMNE has organized for the purpose of enhancing the visibility of the work that female researchers are performing at the centre. The act is addressed to the whole CIMNE community.
The draft agenda of the event is below, for your information. 


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Lecture Series Programme: 7th February 2018, From 10 to 13:15h
CIMNE (UPC North Campus,C1 Building, O.C. Zienkiewicz Conference Room)

Time Lecture
10:00 h Opening address by Lluís Rovira, director of CERCA.
Chairs: Anna Font, CIMNE manager, and Cecília Soriano, Staff Scientist at CIMNE
10:25 h Dra. Liliana Carreño
"Evaluación y gestión del riesgo de desastres" (ES)
10:45 h Dra. Lucía Barbu
"Trayectoria investigadora personal - pasado, presente y futuro" (ES)
11:05 h Dra. Antonia Larese
"Computational models for the simulation of structures and landscapes in natural hazards" (ES)
11:20 h Coffee Break
11:40 h Dra. Alessandra di Mariano
"Research and practical applications in geotechnical engineering" (EN)
12:00 h PgD Anna Monros
"Simulando en la nube" (ES)
12:20 h MsC Mercè López
“Simulación de abonadoras centrífugas” (ES)
12:40 h PhD Laura Moreno
"Heat transfer processes using viscoelastic fluids in laminar and turbulent regimes" (ES)
13:00 h Closure by Anna Font, CIMNE manager, and Cecília Soriano, Staff Scientist at CIMNE