Scipedia Workshop


Speaker: Julio García
Place: O.C. Zienkiewicz Conference Room, C1 Building, UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona
Date: Wednesday, March 21st 2018, 12h

Scipedia is an innovative platform for scientific publication an open science, promoted by CIMNE. Scipedia has the mission of connect researchers and science professionals in science and technology to improve knowledge transfer, as well as expertise and research results. Scipedia has born to offer a full solution for open science, and essentially integrates into a social network for scientists, with online editorial tools and management of repositories of documents and data.

Further information on:

CIMNE has elected Scipedia as open access publication platform of its monographs, articles and preprints, technical repports and research repports (see The content of this collection will be compiled from personal repositories in Scipedia of all CIMNE researchers.

The mission of this workshop is to solve the main doubts that may arise in the use of the platform and specifically in the creation and management of files collection.

By participating in the workshop, you can learn to:

  • Create and complete your profile (define multiple affiliations, link it to Google Scholar,...)
  • Create and manage a personal collection (repository)
  • Create, upload and edit a file, or claim autorship 
  • Publish a document and link it to other collection
  • Create and manage a repository/personal collection of files and data
  • Create a profile for an organization, project or research team
  • Create a repository linked to an organization profile
  • Create and work with groups
  • Create and manage a magazine (blind or open peer review)

The workshop will be completed with a question and answer session.

The event is addressed to the entire CIMNE community, and any UPC member interested in learning more about Scipedia will be welcome.