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PhD Position in the framework of ExaQUteproject - Kratos team


CIMNE. International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering.
VAC-2018-07 – PhD Position in the framework of ExaQUteproject - Kratos team

Number of places: 1

Category: PhD student

Workplace: Barcelona

Salary (gross): 20.000€ (Excepcional candidates: up to 25.000€)

Weekly working hours: 40

Contract Type: Pre Doctoral

Duration: 3 years

Functions to be developed:

  1. Participate in the development of the ExaQUte project. This includes software developements and reporting.
  2. Develop a PhD thesis on subjects related to Uncertainty Quantification for civil engineering structures.
  3. Publish on subjects related to ExaQUte.
  4. Develop within the framework of the Kratos project.

Education and training (required):

  1. Formation: Master in Engineering or Mathematics
  2. Basic Knowledge of programming (Python, C++).
  3. Required Languages: English
  4. Basic Knowledge of FEM and CFD

Other valued skills (not mandatory):

  1. Knowledge of Object Oriented programming
  2. Spanish

Qualification System:

The requisites and merits will be evaluated with a maximum note of 100 points. Such maximal note will be obtained summing up the following points:

  1. Academic Titles: 20%
  2. Additional Training: 10%
  3. Professional Experience: 10%
  4. Tasks assigned during the review process: 20%
  5. Personal Interview: 40%

The curriculum and references have to be submitted to the email, specifying as subject: VAC-2018-07.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2018 at 12am.

Pre selected candidates will have to send to all the supporting documents. The candidates may be required to hold an interview, which may be online.

Download offer (PDF)

Contact Person : Dr. Riccardo Rossi (