CIMNE researchers visit IRSTEA


On April 4th, 2018, a delegation of CIMNE leaded by Prof. Eugenio Oñate has visited the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA) based in Montoldre (France).

The CIMNE researchers Mercè López, Miguel Ángel Celigueta and Guillermo Casas, developers of the software code Spreaddem, attended the visit hosted by Emmanuel Piron, team leader at IRSTEA. During de visit Dr. Piron explained the research and development activities carried out at IRSTEA in the experimental testing of fertilization spreaders, both mineral and organic, and the link between tractor and soil, with the aim of evaluating tire performance and modelling soil compaction.

From left to right: E. Oñate, M. López, E. Piron, M.A. Celigueta and G. Casas

IRSTEA Technology Research Platform Center for Spreading and the Environment

The PRT PEE team is developing and implementing innovative methods (simulation tools, demonstrators, test benches and tests, etc.) that encourage development and characterize the performance of technological devices in relation to research and industry stakeholders. Its research streams focus specifically on improving the fertilization machines that play a key role in the agricultural production chain and in respecting the environment.

SpreadDEM by CIMNE

SpreadDEM is a simulation software of the particle flow on centrifugal fertilizer spreaders oriented to designers and producers of agricultural machinery. Based on DEMPack technology, a Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation, the trajectory of every single fertilizer particle is evaluated from the hopper to their contact with the ground.

SpreadDEM provides a complete and practical solution to optimize the design of the spreading machinery becoming an alternative to trial-and-error experimental testing. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, users are able to simulate in a few intuitive steps and with minimal training the most significant results for the fertilizer spreading.