CIMNE participates in V-heart dissemination activities


Dr. Eduardo Soudah, reseacher at CIMNE in Biomedical area, has recently participated in dissemination activities of the V-heart project.On 20th March, 2018, a meeting between doctors and engineers was held in CIMNE premises.


On 28th March, 2018, has been taken the CompBioMed Vheart Joint Workshop was held in Amsterdam where Dr. Soudah represented CIMNE and presented its research in the field of High Performing Computing in Biomedical area. CompBioMed and the Spanish Network of Excellence, The Virtual Heart (VHeart), promoted this Joint Workshop Meeting that involved a mix of speakers from VHeart and CompBioMed. VHeart is a Spanish Network of Excellence aiming at sharing tools and software with members of the network to improve the overall knowledge and capacity to develop a personalised virtual heart. It is made of 9 universities and research centres throughout Spain.


The objective of the workshop was to share the combined knowledge of the participants in the fields of cardiac modelling, fluid-solid interactions and biomedical flows. Dr. Soudah participated with the talk entitled "Computational fluid dynamics indicators to improve cardiovascular pathologies diagnosis" held in the the framework of the third session: Biomedical Flows, chaired by Peter Coveney.