Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Mr. Damià Calvet, Minister of Territory and Sustainability, chairs the CIMNE Governing Council

On June 8th the CIMNE Governing Council was held at the premises of CIMNE in the UPC North Campus. This body meets regularly with the function of monitoring CIMNE and approve the annual accounts.

Governing Council
From left to right: Ms. Anna Font, Dr. Lluís Rovira, Mr. Ferran Falcó, Dr. Lluís Ramallo, Mr. Damià Calvet and Prof. Eugenio Oñate

In this occasion the meeting was chaired by Mr. Damià Calvet, Minister for Territory and Sustainability of the Department of the Government of Catalonia. Mr. Ferran Falcó, General Secretary of the Department of Territory and Sustainability, has also participated in the meeting. Prof. Eugenio Oñate, vice president of CIMNE, and Ms. Anna Font, CIMNE General Manager, were in charge of representing the research centre in the Governing Council. The rector Francesc Torres, professor Gabriel Bugeda and the director of the School of Civil Engineering Pedro Díez also attended the meeting as representatives of UPC BarcelonaTech. Dr. Lluís Rovira, director of CERCA, and  Dr. Lluís Ramallo (UNESCO) completed the list of attendees.

Governing Council