Friday, February 22, 2019
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7th GiD Convention

7th GiD Convention took place on July, 17th and 18th, in Barcelona.

First day (17th), on the workshop, was discussed advanced topics related with pre and post processing and news on GiD 12 version were presented.
Second day (18th) was devoted to courses and let the opportunity to start using GiD with a solver of interest or learn all tricks and shortcuts of using new GiD v12.

Courses on GiD and some calculation modules:
> GiD Basic + GiD Advance: Learn GiD in any daily situation.
> GiD Basic + Kratos: Multi-physic simulation and development.
> GiD Basic + IBER: Start running simulating flows in rivers and estuaries.
> GID Basic + Tdyn: Multi-physics package for structural, heat transfer, flow, FSI and sea-keeping.

Registration deadline June 1st.
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