Friday, February 22, 2019
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ITA incorporates TCApp

Eating disorders

The eating disorders are mental disorders characterized by pathological behavior in food intake and an obsession with weight control. This kind of diseases, like anorexia or bulimia, among others, have a multifactorial origin and cause great physical, psychological and social consequences, and is estimated to affect 6% of teenagers.

The Instituto de Trastornos Alimentarios (ITA –Eating Disorders Institute) has incorporated the app TCApp, developed by HealthApp to improve the treatment through using technology.

With this application, the therapist knows in real time the progress of the patient or any incident occurred and can plan subsequent sessions at the center in a more effective manner. Also, this tool allows the clinical team access to the information recorded daily by the patient in the App, interact with it, send personalized messages reinforced by indicators and videos. In this way, the app generates greater motivation and loyalty in adult patients through ease of maintaining effective contact with clinical staff and quick dialogue.

Home HealthappThe head of External Unit Treatments and the ITA Day Hospital, Míriam Sánchez Pellisé, in recent statements to the portal iSanidad, explains that TCApp “gives a qualitative and quantitative information very interesting to be analised by the clinical team”.

Jordi Cusidó, cofunder of Healthapp, has assessed very positively the agreement with ITA: “It is the opportunity to cooperate with the private center of reference in Spain in the treatment of eating disorders. Just in Barcelona, ITA has some 2,000 patients and has a presence in all major cities of the state (Valencia, Madrid) and has recently opened a new office in Chile. We can say that ITA is the leading private client that we have in Spain”.

HealthApp, a promising start-up

HealthApp, in which CIMNE Tecnología SA is involved, is among the 20 most promising start-ups on the international scene, according to the Future Internet Challenge eHealth (FICHe).

Healthapp meals

Cusidó explains that their objective at short term is "to focus in the development of new apps together with Sant Joan de Déu and DKV". Also, Healthapp has international expansion plans: “We started a pilot project in Finland at the beginning of the year and we are managing the expansion of the apps' use in Argentina”. The objective, continues Cusidó, “is to create a portfolio of applications for health monitoring and treatment of chronic or long-term diseases, like depression, bipolar disorder or suicide risk”.

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