Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Inergy, highlighted in ‘La Vanguardia’

On January 31st, 2016, the newspaper La Vanguardia has published an article about energy efficiency in its section “De la ciencia al mercado” (“From the science to the market”). In the report, La Vanguardia has featured SIE, the application developed by the unit of energy efficiency of CIMNE, Bee Group, jointly with RSM Gassó Auditores.

SIE is an Energy Information System that allows the management of the energy in organizations with many points of consumption. The objectives of this application are to reduce the consumption and the economic cost of these consumptions. Also, the use of this system is a way to minimize the CO2 emissions related to energy.

The good results achieved by SIE enabled the creation of Inergy in 2012, a subsidiary company participated by CIMNE and RSM Gassó Auditores. Nowadays, Inergy has a client base of some 250 public and private companies. The manager of Inergy, David Pon, highlighted: “We are a technology-based company that has simultaneously a team of consultants and engineers to offer something that can be called energy coaching”.

This work is also included in the improvements that can be achieved by the intelligent cities. “The information analyzed by our systems could be shared on the cloud and be used easily to make progress in the management of the cities in the field of the energy efficient use”, said Pon.

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