Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Prof. Owen, Chair of CIMNE Advisory Scientific Council, gets an Honorary Degree

Profs. Oñate and Owen

Professor Roger Owen, Chairman of the Advisory Scientific Council of CIMNE, has been awarded an Honorary Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from the University of Swansea (Wales, UK).

The honorary degree was awarded to Prof. Owen in recognition to his outstanding contribution to research on the finite element method at the University of Swansea with an impact in several engineering fields. The event counted, among other personalities, with the participation of Prof. Eugenio Oñate, director of CIMNE.

About the EngD degree

The EngD is a new doctor degree recently established at the University of Swansea. It aims to encourage the development of research doctorates carried out in an industrial environment.

From left to right: Profs. Thomas, Feng, Oñate, Owen, Williams, Peric, Li and De Souza