Friday, March 22, 2019
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Santiago Badia appears in 'El Periódico'

Santiago Badia

On the occasion of the number Pi’s Day, held on March 14th 2016, the journal ‘El Periódico’ has published an article entitled 'Las matemáticas cuentan' (‘Mathematics counts’) where some of the best spanish young mathematicians have been interviewed. Santiago Badia, Full Research Professor at CIMNE, who has recieved one of the medals to young researchers from the Real Academia de Ingeniería Española in 2015, is one of the chosen persons.

The 3D printers, the nuclear fusion or the high finances are some of the fields where Badia works with the help of supercomputing. “My area is very interdisciplinary. Every day you have to face new problems and you have to find solutions that no one else can give to you”, explains Badia.

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