Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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CIMNE participates in new flight tests of Skydragon

The Aeronautical Group of CIMNE supported the activities of the german company Trans Atmospheric Operations (TAO) during one week in June 2016. In this period, TAO performed several flight tests of the segment balloon for the Skydragon high altitude platform.

CIMNE, which has collaborated with TAO and provided its numerical simulation capabilities in many other occasions, supported TAO in the organizational aspects, such as the management of the contact with Barcelona Air Traffic Control Centre, dealing with the release of the flight permits, as well as being the contact point with CATUAV, which provided access and support to its facilities near Moià.


Success of the test results

The company TAO tested the capabilities of the Skydragon balloon. The tests included several systems to handle with the expansion of helium for altitude control, as well as electronic and communication systems.

Departing from CATUAV facilities in Collsuspina (located in the Barcelona area), the balloon touched down on the sea, in front of the Castelldefels coast. The tests, monitored at all time by the Barcelona Air Traffic Control Centre, have been a complete success, providing a valuable amount of information and data to the company. The flights reached an altitude of 10,000 metres (about 30,000 feet) above the sea.