Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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CIMNE collaborates with IRNAS (CSIC) in the project ‘RECUPERA 2020’

CIMNE collaborates with the Irrigation and Ecophysiology of Crop Group from the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Seville (IRNAS), part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in the project 'RECUPERA 2020'. Specifically, they will participate in the project "1.3.2 Milestone: Technological Basis of Strategies Deficit Irrigation", whose main goal is to increase the quality and the production with a minimum consumption of water and energy applying strategies and technology of deficit crop suitable to every exploitation.

Alberto Tena and Pedro Arnau, from CIMNE, during the field visit with Rafael Romero, from IRNAS

New products for a more efficient irrigation

From this project it will obtain products that will allow a more efficient irrigation in arids and semi-arid areas of Andalusia, like these ones:

  • A digital, interactive and upgradeable catalogue, which will facilitate detailed information about the andalusian irrigation.
  • Protocol for the programation of the irrigation based in new methods of hydric demand of the crop.
  • An alert system via mobile for the crop programation more suitable for every property.

On the left picture: Irrigation system; On the right picture: Jordi Jiménez and Pedro Arnau (CIMNE) with Rafael Romero (IRNAS)

Field demonstration

It has been launched a demonstration experience on farms of olive, almond, orange, corn, cotton and watermelon.

The behavior of the scheduling irrigation is evaluated with the direct participation of farmers. So, they have tested the use of deficit crop strategies and new indicators of the needs of water by the crop and also the alert system via mobile for the programmation of the irrigation.

About ‘RECUPERA 2020’

From left to right: Alberto Tena (CIMNE), Rafael Romero (IRNAS), Jordi Jiménez (CIMNE), Pedro Arnau (CIMNE) and José Enrique Fernández (IRNAS).

RECUPERA 2020 is an opportunity to the development and modernization of the Andalusian agricultural sector, promoted by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and also other public research centers and companies. 

The objective is develop prototypes, applications, models and other tools based in the knowledge transfer to companies to promote the andalusian agricultural development. The programme has a budget of 25 million euros, funded by the CSIC (20%) and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, under the formula of redeemable advance from the FEDER (80%).

Further information: www.riego-recupera2020.es

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