Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Coffee Talk - Numerical wind tunnel simulations using digital terrain models and an embedded approach

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016. Time: 15h.

Place: Seminar room 110, 1st floor, C-1 building, Campus Nord UPC


Large scale terrain features such as moutains or valleys have a great influence on the wind flow in a specific area. Current codes provide only very basic methods for adressing the complex flow conditions over hilly terrain. But for structures which are sensitive to wind loads the exact distribution of the flow has to be known. We present an approach where a numerical wind tunnel is generated based on the actual terrain on the desired site. The structure is added using an embedded approach. This makes it very easy to find the optimal location for the structure as the original mesh does not have to be changed when the structure is moved.


Quirin Aumann did his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and is currently finishing his Master's degree in Computational Mechanics also at TUM. The talk's Master's Thesis is supervised under cooperation of the Chair of Structural Analysis in Munich and CIMNE in Barcelona.