Friday, October 19, 2018
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Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
25/01/2018 De Pouplana sardà, Ignasi Development of new computational methods for fluid-structure interaction analysis of multi-fractured media. Oñate, Eugenio Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
23/02/2018 Pont Ribas, Arnau Numerical Simulation of Aeroacoustics using the Variational Multiscale Method. Application to the problem of human phonation Codina, Ramon
Baiges, Joan
Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
28/02/2018 Villarraga Díaz, Claudia Juliana Effect of thermal cycles on rock massif stability Vaunat, Jean Soil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
23/04/2018 Alvarado Bueno, Mauricio Landslide motion assessment including thermal interaction. An MPM approach Alonso, Eduardo
Pinyol, Núria M.
Soil Engineering Excellent
27/04/2018 Cardoso Nungaray, Victor Eduardo Discrete Volume Method. A variational approach for brittle fracture Oñate, Eugenio
Botello, Salvador
Structural Analysis Excellent
02/05/2018 Toprak, Erdem Long term response of multi-barrier schemes for underground radioactive wate disposal Olivella, Sebastià
Pintado, Xavier C.
Soil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
20/09/2018 San Mauro Saiz, Javier Diseño de aliviaderos de bloques en forma de cuña Toledo, Miguel Á. Civil Engineering Systems Excellent Cum Laude