Thursday, February 21, 2019
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AREAS & GROUPSCENIT - Innovation in Transport Group

Working papers

Study of the main trends affecting the Port of the Future
Authors: Raventós, E., Saurí, S., Rúa, C.

Optimization of Traffic Lights settings for a new tram line in the city center of Barcelona
Authors: Rosell, F., Saurí, S.

Evaluating air emission inventories and indicators from cruise vessels at ports
Authors: Martin-Alcalde, E., de Melo Rodríguez, G., Murcia-González,J.C
Papers in Journals

Cruise passenger impacts on mobility within a port area: Case of the Port of Barcelona
Ros, S., Pino, D., Saurí, S., Sánchez-Arcilla, A. 2017
International Journal of Tourism Research, In Press

Setting services in public transit lines in short time periods under time-varying demand
Codina, E., Rosell, F., Cadarso, L., Marín, Á. 2017
Transportation Research Procedia, 22, 615–624

A heuristic method for a congested capacitated transit assignment model with strategies
Codina, E., Rosell, F. 2017
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Vol. 2016, pp. 293-320

Intergenerational perception of the utility of major transport projects
Penyalver, D., Turró, M., Zavala-Rojas, D. 2017
Research in Transportation Economics, In Press

Matching Funding, Mobility, and Spatial Equity Objectives in a Networkwide Road Pricing Model
Pons-Rigat, A., Saurí, S., Turró, M. 2017
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2606, pp. 1-8

Effects of RoPax shipping line strategies on freight price and transporter’s choice. Policy implications for promoting MoS
Morales-Fusco, P., Grau, M., Saurí, S. 2017
Transport Policy, 67, pp. 67-76

Environmental rail charges in Europe: a review
Pons-Rigat, A., Turró, M., Saurí, S. and Ubalde, Ll. 2017
Transport Reviews, Volume 37, pp. 667-684

Evaluating air emission inventories and indicators from cruise vessels at ports
de Melo, G., Martin-Alcalde, E., Murcia-González, J.C. and  Saurí, S. 2017
WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, pp. 1–16

Travel time savings, accessibility gains and equity effects in cost-benefit analysis

Martens, K. and Di Ciommo, F. 2017
Transport Reviews (online)

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