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INGENIA Aero is a cluster of companies composed by 14 engineering companies with solid presence in the global market and one technological centre at the vanguard of international technological research.

Our business approach is based on providing unique partnership and skilled professionals capable to manage and develop specific technological projects as well as integrated packages. With recognised expertise and competence in transportation engineering (aerospace, automotive, railways, etc.), one of INGENIA’s greatest assets is represented by the flexible approach on establishing multidisciplinary teams project composed by skilled professionals.

Our strategy is based on supporting and enhancing our capability with solid research and innovation programs addressed to improve our technological skill and allowing us to answer to the most critical issues related with integrated program development.
INGENIA’s main capabilities are structured around the following lines:
  • Interior design & Development
  • Aero-structure Engineering
  • System design & Integration
  • Prototyping
  • Testing & Certification
  • R&D and Innovation
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