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Number Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
1 20/01/2020 Zhang, Ningning A micromechanical study of the Standard Penetration Test Arroyo, Marcos
Gens, Antonio
Ciantia, Matteo
Soil Engineering -
2 27/01/2020 Parera, Ferran Advanced image analysis techniques for laboratory experiments on soils Alonso, Eduardo
Pinyol, Nuria
Soil Engineering -
3 23/03/2020 Reyes, Ricardo Stabilized reduced order models for low speed flows. Codina, Ramon
Idelsohn, Sergio
Soil Engineering -
4 12/06/2020 Ruiz, Daniel Hydro-Mechanical analysis of expansive clays. Constitutive and numerical modelling. Gens, Antonio
Vaunat, Jean
Soil Engineering -
5 09/07/2020 Villota, Angel Aproximación del transporte de contaminantes en aguas someras mediante elementos finitos de alto orden Codina, Ramon Structural Analysis -
6 10/07/2020 Tello, Alexis Fluid Structure Interaction by means of Reduced Order Models. Codina, Ramon
Baiges, Joan
Structural Analysis -
7 3/09/2020 Mataix, Vicente Innovative mathematical and numerical models for studying the deformation of shells during industrial forming processes with the Finite Element Method. Oñate, Eugenio
Rossi, Riccardo
Civil Engineering -
8 7/09/2020 Roca, David Numerical Tools for Computational Design of Acoustic Metamaterials. Cante, Juan Carlos
Lloberas, Oriol
Mechanical, Fluid and Aeronautical Engineering -
9 21/09/2020 Zorrilla, Rubén Towards the Virtual Wind Tunnel for civil engineering applications. Oñate, Eugenio
Rossi, Riccardo
Civil Engineering -