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Cimne singapore

In recent years CIMNE has developed a close relationship with the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) in Singapore. IHPC is a prestigious organization IDT belonging to the National Agency to start * the Government of Singapore.

The increased cooperation between CIMNE and IHPC has motivated CIMNE creating an organization in Singapore, called CIMNE-Singapore with the aim of promoting the activities and RTD projects in the region of South East Asia in cooperation with IHPC.

The director of CIMNE-Singapore is Mr. Manuel López, a naval engineer with wide experience in managing international projects.

Constitution of CIMNE Singapore
Photo 2: Constitution of CIMNE Singapore at IHPC (May 2010).
CIMNE Singapore
From left to right: Mr. Manuel López (Director of CIMNE-Singapore), Prof. Choo Yoo Sang (Director from Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering from UNS), Wang Chien Ming (Director Structures & Mechanics from UNS) and Mr. Pere-Andreu Ubach (CIMNE researcher)