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Number Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
1 11/02/2021 Barbat, Gabriel Mixed finite elements with independent strain interpolation for isotropic and orthotropic damage Cervera, Miguel
Chiumenti, Michele
Civil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
2 01/03/2021 Codony, David Mathematical and computational modeling of flexoelectricity at mesoscopic and atomistic scales Arias, Irene Applied mathematics Excellent Cum 
3 03/6/2021 Tarragó, Daniel Hydraulic fills liquefaction. Effect on quay stability Gens, Antonio
Alonso, Eduardo
Soil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
4 02/07/2021 Mesa, Arisleidy Hydro-mechanical behaviour of pellet/powder mixture of bentonite and impact of gas migration Romero, Enrique
Mokni, Nadia
Soil Engineering Excellent
5 05/07/2021 Hospital, Raúl Numerical Modeling of the Underwater Acoustic Impact of Offshore Stations. Sarrate, José
Díez, Pedro
Structural Analysis -
6 20/7/2021 Puigferrat, Albert Finite element methods for advection-diffusion-absorption and fluid flow problems Oñate, Eugenio
De Pouplana, Ignasi
Civil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
7 22/7/2021 Yubero, Maria Teresa Ejecución de túneles en terreno deltaico mediante tuneladora EPB. El caso de la línea 9. Gens, Antonio
Di Mariano, Alessandra
Soil Engineering -
8 26/7/2021 Pons, Aleix Essays on second-best pricing schemes for transport infrastructure Turro, Mateu
Sauri, Sergi
Civil Engineering -
9 22/9/2021 Moreno, Laura Numerical modelling of viscoelastic flows based on a log-conformation formulation. Codina, Ramon
Baiges, Joan
Structural Analysis -