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  • Coupled multi-physical analyses of porous media. Application to radioactive waste disposal. (PIs: Antonio Gens and Sebastian Olivella)

  • Numerical analysis of large-scale infrastructure projects. (PI: Antonio Gens)

  • DEM and PFEM modelling of penetration problems in Geomechanics. (PIs: Antonio Gens and Marcos Arroyo)

  • Cracking in desiccating soils. (PIs: Alberto Ledesma and Pere Prat)

  • Unsaturated Soil Mechanics. Experimental and theoretical advances. Application to embankments, dams and radioactive waste disposal. (PI: Eduardo Alonso)

  • Landslides. Large displacements, thermal interaction, creeping motion and earthquake-induced landslides. Material Point Method modelling. (PI: Núria M. Pinyol)

  • Rockfill Mechanics. Particle breackage. Relative humidity effect. DEM modelling. (PI: Eduardo Alonso)

  • Crystal Growth in Anhydritic Rocks. Swelling and structure interaction. (PI: Anna Ramon)

  • Multi-physics experiments and modelling of geomaterials. (PI: Enrique Romero)

  • Multi-scale experiments and analyses of geomaterials. (PIs: Enrique Romero and Laura Gonzalez-Blanco)

  • Coupled multi-physical analyses of porous media. Application to energy geotechnics (methane hydrates) and soil-vegetation-atmosphere interaction. (PI: Jean Vaunat)

  • FEM for coupled problems in geotechnical engineering. Particle-based and discrete element methods for geomechanical problems. (PIs: Antonio Gens and Sebastian Olivella)

  • Constitutive models and numerical methods for analysis of unsaturated soils and rocks. (PI: E. Alonso)