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Industrial Processes Group

Papers in Journals

Benedetti, L., Cervera, M., Chiumenti, M.  3D numerical modelling of twisting cracks under bending and torsion of skew notched beams,   Engineering Fracture Mechanics, vol. 176, 235 - 256, 2017 . 

Chiumenti, M., Lin, X., Cervera, M., Lei, W., Zheng, Y., Huang, W.  Numerical simulation and experimental calibration of additive manufacturing by blown powder technology. Part I: Thermal analysis,   Rapid Prototyping Journal, vol. 23(2), 448 - 463, 2017 . 

Chiumenti, M., Neiva, E., Salsi, E., Cervera, M., Badia, S., Moya, J., Chen, Z., Lee, C., Davies, C.  Numerical modelling and experimental validation in Selective Laser Melting,   Additive Manufacturing, vol. 18, 171 - 185, 2017 . 

Franci, A., Oñate, E., Carbonell, J.M., Chiumenti, M. PFEM formulation for thermo-coupled FSI analysis. Application to nuclear core melt accident,  Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol. 325, 711 - 732, 2017. 

Gimenez, J.M., Ramajo, D.E., Márquez Damián, S., Nigro, N.M., Idelsohn, S.R.  An assessment of the potential of PFEM-2 for solving long real-time industrial applications,   Computational Particle Mechanics, vol. 4(3), 251 - 267, 2017.  

Nallim, L.G., Oller, S., Oñate, E., Flores, F.G.  A hierarchical finite element for composite laminated beams using a refined zigzag theory,   Composite Structures, vol. 163, 168 - 184, 2017.

Tavares, R.P., Otero, F., Turon, A., Camanho, P.P. Effective simulation of the mechanics of longitudinal tensile failure of unidirectional polymer composites,  International Journal of Fracture, vol. 208(01/02/2018), 269 - 285, 2017.

Toledo, L.N., Salazar, F.N., Aquino, A.J.A.  A theoretical approach for understanding the haze phenomenon in bottled white wines at molecular level,   South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture, vol. 38(1), 64 - 71, 2017.