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Building, Energy and Environment Group

Research lines

  • Demand Response in buildings (PI: Gerard Mor)
    • Development of technologies to maximize impact of more efficient electricity consumption, optimize use of renewable at the same scale for use when demand does peak. The solutions take data driven models to manage user behavior according to energy generation through monitoring, analysis and validation of Demand Response algorithms.
  • Energy empowerment and User behavior (PI: Stoyan Danov)
    • Development of data driven user behavior models with the aim of defining the occupancy and user activity pattern to improve the quality of information provision to empower citizens to participate more actively in their energy expenses.
  • Big Data analytics for energy efficiency in buildings (PI: Jordi Carbonell)
    • Development of data driven models to get insights of the energy performance of huge amounts of buildings in real operation conditions: energy simulation, energy management practices, web services and monitoring devices in real buildings.
  • Bio-digesters (PI: Jaime Martí)
    • Knowledge transfer since 2001 on design, implementation, installation and monitoring of domestic and industrial bio-digesters, adapted to simple technologies in cold climates, specially in the Andean region.
  • nZEBs and Energy positive living (PI: Jordi Cipriano)
    • Working actively to promote energy positive buildings and energy communities. BEE Group develops methodologies and technologies to facilitate the local energy transition at building and neighborhood levels.
  • Since 2001, BEE Group has participated in more than 41 research projects and has created 2 companies:
    • Beedata Analytics (2017): This Company offers Big Data services for energy utility companies to take advantage from Smart meters data, offering energy empowerment services to end users, business intelligence and customer service assistant. It currently gives services to 9 utilities and more than 650,000 end users.
    • Inergy (2012): This Company offers consultancy and assessment to municipalities and facility owners to enhance their sustainable urban development, with the software as a Service Platform for energy management of non-residential buildings (SIE), which has been implemented in over 6,000 buildings and 350 municipalities.
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