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Building, Energy and Environment Group


The Building Energy and Environment Group (BEE Group) collaborates with national and international companies and institutions. As BEE Group, we understand that the goals and challenges we face could be achieved better if companies that are sensitive to the needs of society and researchers who develop cutting-edge innovations work together.


  • Research Centers and Universities

UPC, University of Lleida, University of Granada, De Monfort University, University of Belgrade, TUW, Bdigital, Bsc, IREC, EUPV-EH, Joint Research Center, Ciemat. Instituto Eduardo Torroja de La Construcción, Aicia, Grupo Termotecnia-University Of Sevilla, Corporación De Desarollo Tecnológico (Chile), Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad Mayor de San Andrés de La Paz (Bolivia), Universitat Rovira i Virgili. University of Modena, Institut Tecnològic De Lleida, Nkua (Greece), Nobatek (France), EURAC, Universidad De Málaga. Departamento de Máquinas y Motores Térmicos, Technology Energy Building Environment of Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Escola Sert, Zafh, Dtu-Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Universitat de La Salle

Related Project

ELISE: Energy and Location Working Group for the INSPIRE Directive- 2018-2019. Collaboration agreement with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission-num: 35361

  • Public Institutions
  • Social Housing Companies

Incasol, Forum, Casa Qualità, Hmp

  • International and NGOs


  • Utility
  • Consultance and Architecture
  • Manufacturers

Experience in Latin America

  • Bolivia

Bee group was contracted in 2008 by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation) to participate in the EnDev-Bolivia program as leaders in the biogas subject. This responsibility finished in June 2012 with numerous results:

  • The installation of 747 digester, mainly at the household level
  • The implementation of a research laboratory in digesters, biogas, and biol, along with the University Mayor de San Andres and local NGOs. This test center have left numerous academic thesis and five scientific paper so far, because the lab is ongoing.
  • Two technical books: "Family Biodigestores, Design Guide and Installation Manual (2008) and" Development, dissemination and implementation of appropriate technologies: Biodigestores in Bolivia. Lessons learned from EnDev-Bolivia project. 2007-2012 "(2014)
  • More 50 practical workshops installation and operation of digesters with producers and six seminars focused in anaerobic digestion for professionals

Since 2013 to June of 2014, Beegroup was contracted by Hivos (NGO from Netherlands) to support technical assistance in digesters for Bolivia, coordination of the biogas research in the country with local universities, and advise the building of the National biogas Program in Bolivia that has began last October 2014.  

  • Bolivia and Peru

From 2012, the BEE Group was contracted by Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) to participate in the feasibility studies for Peru and Bolivia, of a nation Biogas Program. In 2013, SNV, again, contracted BEE Group to leader the design the National Biogas Program in Bolivia, and participation in the one for Peru.

  • Ecuador

In 2012, Green Empowerment  (NGO from USA) and Wisions (NGO from Germany) contract BEE Group to evaluate the situation of household digesters in Ecuador. This study resulted in a series of visits to NGOs and Universities that were working in the theme and at the end a document with recommendations in social and technical aspects.

Since July 2014, BEE Group has presence in Ecuador due one of its researchers is working (with a fellowship) with the National Institute of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (INER), supporting the creation of a line of research in biogas.

Related Project

PNB: Programa Nacional de Biodigestores en Ecuador: Design and Scale-up of Climate Resilient Waste Management and Energy Capture Technologies in Small and Medium Livestock Farms. 2018-2020. CTCN-UNIDO Ref. Num.: 2015000061

  • Chile

BEE Group have been contracted five times by the Corporation in technological development (CDT) to provide courses on energy efficiency in buildings (15-16 hours each course). These courses are:

  • (Given three times)Course of Energy efficiency through Bioclimatic Architecture
  • Course of Energy Management and Introduction to ESCOs (Energy Service Companies)
  • Course of Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)
  • Latin America

REDBIOLAC: BEE Group is part of the directorate of Network for Biodigesters for Latin America and the Caribbean (RedBioLAC), and was contracted as first coordinator of research and development of the RedBioLAC in 2012. Also, in2013 was contracted to leader the first research project of the RedBiolac that considers five countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico) about the development and validation of a common methodology for characterization of digesters, which is currently developing.

BEE Group has participate in different congress and meetings about Development and energy in Costa Rica (2010), Mexico (2011), Nicaragua (2012, 2013), Ecuador (2012), Peru (2012), Honduras (2014), Colombia (2012, 2014), Brazil (2014), and Bolivia (2008-2014).