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Papers in congresses, symposia and workshops


Coma, M.; Tousi, N.; Pons-Prats, J.; Bergadà, J.M.; Bugeda, G., Performance of hybrid optimization methods applied to active flow control devices, AeroBest, July 2021.

Kuljanin, J.; Pons-Prats, J.; Prats, X., Fuel-based flight inefficiency through the lens of different airlines and route characteristics A post-operational analysis for one day of traffic at the ECAC area, USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminars, September 2021.


Pons-Prats, J., Alternate: Assessment on Alternative Aviation Fuels Development, EASN Conference, September 2020.

Pons-Prats, J., Aviation sustainability projects; ACACIA, ALTERNATE, CLIMOP and GREAT joint poster, ECATS Conference, November 2020.

Pons-Prats, J., Coma, M., Bugeda, G., Non-cooperative game hybridization of a memetic optimization approach, 14th World Congress in Computational Mechanics (WCCM) ECCOMAS Congress, 2020.

Tosi, R., Núñez, M., Keith, B., Pons-Prats, J., Wohlmuth, B., Rossi, R., Scalable dynamic asynchronous Monte Carlo framework applied to wind engineering problems, UQOP2020 - International Conference on Uncertainty Quantification & Optimisation, November 2020.


Jarauta, A.; Mahrous, E.; Ryzhakov, P.; Pons-Prats, J.; Secanell, M., A transient two-phase ow model for droplets on substrates with moving contact lines, International Conference on Computational Methods for Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering,June 2019.

Pons-Prats, J., Coma, M., Bugeda, G., Optimization hybridization with multiple populations and optimization methods, International Conference on Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control with Applications to Industrial and Societal Problems,September 2019.


Jarauta, A.; Ryzhakov, P.; Pons-Prats, J.; Secanell, M., A new implicit finite element model for the analysis of droplet dynamics, Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, 2018.


Flores, R.; Ortega, E.; Oñate, E., Numerical tools for the analysis of parachutes, V International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures, (2011)


D.S. Lee, J. Periaux, G. Bugeda, and E. Onate, Double Shock Control Bump Design Optimisation Using Hybridised Evolutionary Algorithms, IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI2010), (2010)

D.S. Lee, L. F. Gonzalez, R. Walker, J. Periaux and E. Onate, Green Aircraft Design Optimisation using Advanced Multi-Objective Optimiser, 9th World Congress on Computational Mechanics and 4th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM/APCOM2010), (2010)