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cimne in latin america

In October 2008, CIMNE created the first international office, Fundación CIMNE Foundation Latinoamérica (FCL), located in Santa Fe, Argentina.

From its beginning FCL collaborates with CIMNE and its international branches, makes coordinating CIMNE Classrooms Network in Latin America, as well as develops numerous specific training, research, dissemination and transfer of knowledge throughout Latin America.


The object of FCL is to promote the advancement of numerical methods in engineering in Latin America, through continuing education, research and technology transfer to industry and society.


To achieve the above objectives FCL performs the following activities in the field of Latin American countries.

  • Training activities and communication in numerical methods in engineering
  • Research and development activities in the field of numerical methods in engineering
  • Technology transfer activities to industrial and social sector
  • Consolidation and expansion of CIMNE Classroom Network in Latin America