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cimne in latin america

The Aulas CIMNE (or CIMNE Classrooms) are physical spaces that act as joint-labs for cooperation in education and research and technology development (RTD) activities in the field of numerical methods in engineering. Each Aula is created by a partnership agreement between CIMNE and a university. Currently there are 29 Aulas CIMNE in the following countries: Spain (6), Argentina (6), México (3), Venezuela (3), Colombia (2), Brasil (3), Cuba (2), Chile (1), Perú (1), El Salvador (1) and Guatemala (1).

FCL performs the task of coordinating CIMNE Classrooms Network, driving the ongoing enhancement of each classroom and the network itself, creating spaces of constant exchange of knowledge among network members and help the growth of students, professors and researches of the each Aula CIMNE.

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