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Building, Energy and Environment Group

Research facilities

  • The ENMA open-source, big data analytics platform
    • The ENMA platform is currently in full use by 10 energy retailers who serve approximately 650,000 energy consumers. Detailed information about the platform can be found in ENMA. ENMA is a customer engagement information platform that enables energy retailers to enhance the awareness of their customers regarding their energy consumption patterns and their engagement with the retailer offerings.
  • The Common Database and the Information System of the SHERPA and EDI-Net Energy empowerment and User behavior
    • Projects containing energy consumption and applied energy efficiency measures (EEM) from more than 2,000 public buildings from 7 European countries (Spain, Germany, UK, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Malta).
  • An outdoor test cell called Lleida Outdoor Test Cell (LOT).
    • It is jointly managed with the University of Lleida. The main features of this research infrastructure can be found at: beegroup. The LOT is a full-scale test facility for the comprehensive study of the energy performance of ventilated double skin facades in outdoor conditions. High quality data sets from the tests may be used for evaluation and modelling purposes. The installation allows for the analysis of the effect of the air gap width, air flow regimes and materials of the façade. It is also prepared for the detailed analysis of building integrated PV systems and their interaction with HVAC systems.
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