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Papers in CIMNE Reports


Ortega, E.; Oñate, E.; Idelsohn, S.R.; An adaptive finite point method for aeroelastic analysis. 10/2011.

González, E.; Sacco, C.; Ortega, E.; Flores, R.; Development of a 6-Dof simulator for analysis and evaluation of autonomous parafoil systems. 04/2011.

Flores, R.; Ortega, E.; Oñate, E.; Explicit dynamic analysis of thin membrane structures. 02/2011.


Ortega, E.; Flores, R.; Oñate, E.; A 3D low-order panel method for unsteady aerodynamic problems. 2010.

Ortega, E.; Flores, R.; Oñate, E.; Sacco, C.; González, E.; Innovative numerical tools for the simulation of parachutes. 2010.


Buachart, C.; Ortega, E.; Oñate, E.; A finite point method to solve shallow water equations. 2009.


Ortega, E.; Flores, R.; Oñate, E.; An edge-based solver for compressible flow. 10/2005.

A. Jarauta, J. Pons-Prats, E. Oñate "Fuel Cells: State of the Art".