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Number Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
1 21/01/2019 Zaghi, Stefano Multiscale multiphysics simulation in composite materials Rossi, Riccardo
Martínez García, Javier
Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
2 18/02/2019 Olm, Marc Scalable domain decomposition methods for finite element approximations of transient and electromagnetic problems Badia Rodríguez, Santiago Civil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
3 31/05/2019 Peñalver, Domingo Intergenerational redistributive effects due to the financing formula of investments in transport infrastructure. A microeconomic analysis Turró, Mateu Engineering and Transport Infrastructure -
4 27/09/2019 Titscher, Thomas Efficient computational mesoscale modeling of concrete under cyclic loading Oliver, F. Javier
Unger, Jörg F.
Structural Analysis -
5 14/11/2019 Celigueta, Miguel Ángel A particle finite element method for fluid-related problems in civil engineering Oñate, E. Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
6 29/11/2019 Iaconeta, Ilaria Discrete-continuum hybrid modelling of flowing and static regimes Rossi, Riccardo Structural Analysis -