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Fatigue4Light H2020: synergy actions
Recently, Fatigue4Light project has started different cooperation and collaboration activities with projects working on the development of solutions to promote a more sustainable and greener mobility and Electric Vehicles construction, based on eco-design and circular economy values, in or...

Successful 1st Conference for the Development of the Motorways of the Sea
From left to right: J. Carbajosa (CIMNE) and E. Grimaldi (Short Sea Shipping /Grimaldi Lines)The success of the Motorways of the Sea is beyond doubt, but its implementation are not as fast or wide as one would hope because the maritime industry has not been enough ambitious opting for European fund...

CIMNE researchers actively participate at CSMA-SEMNI joint workshop
From 1st to 3rd of February 2017 was held in Jaca (Zaragoza, Spain) the CSMA-SEMNI joint workshop about Model Order Reduction entitled “Numerical techniques for nowadays highly computationally demanding challenges: meshless, MOR and beyond”. Organized by the Computational Structural Me...

A leading researcher from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency visits CIMNE
The leading researcher at the Development Group for Thermal-Hydraulics Technology of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Dr. Susumu Yamashita, visited CIMNE on January 16th, 2017. From left to right: Prof. Michele Chiumenti, Dr. Susumu Yamashita, Prof Eugenio Oñate and Dr. Alessandr...

CIMNE will develop two international R&D projects on the effects of the polar thaw in naval engineering
CIMNE has signed recently two new R+D contracts with the Office for Naval Research (ONR) of the USA and the European Research Council to study, through the development of numerical methods, the movement of merchant vessels by polar routes and the effect of the impact of icebergs with oil rigs and to...

CIMNE participates at the 1st National Meeting of the YWP-Spain in CONAMA 2016
CIMNE supports the official Spanish association Young Water Professionals-Spain (YWP Spain). Among other initiatives, the association has carried out two meetings within the framework of two relevant national congresses: iWater 2016 and CONAMA 2016. The CIMNE researcher David J. Vicente has partici...

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