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Buildair installs a second hangar in Lleida-Alguaire Airport
CIMNE's spin-off Buildair Ingeniería y Arquitectura S.A. has installed a second inflatable H25x30 hangar in Lleida-Alguaire Airport. It has been setup in 1 day joining the H20x20 that was set-up by the company last July. The inflatable hagar is almost zero power consumption and perfo...

New Park Bowling beats on OKO´s technology solutions
New Park Bowling has implemented two OKO technology solutions: the OKO Virtual Waiter and Magic Stickers. From now on, customers who are bowling will not have to go to the bar to place their order. By scanning the Magic Stickers placed on the tables of each bowling alley, they will be able to order ...

Inflatable breakwaters against storms
On Sunday June 2nd 2019, CIMNE appeared in the news at La Vanguardia for the design of an innovative system for coastal protection to mitigate the effect of storms in sandy beaches using inflatable breakwaters. The idea is to build submerged structures laid on the seabed that can be selectively infl...

Jordi Puigneró, Catalan Minister of Digital Policy, visits CIMNE
On Monday, April 15th, the Catalan Minister of Digital Policy and Public Administration, Mr. Jordi Puigneró, visited CIMNE in order to know first-hand the ICT research and technology development activities carried out at the centre. He was accompanied in the visit by Mr. Daniel Marco, di...

A delegation of the Government of Catalonia visits CIMNE
On  October 17th, 2018, a delegation of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia visited the premises of CIMNE at the UPC North Campus in Barcelona. The delegation was formed by Ms. Marta Felip, General Secretary of Business and Knowledge, Prof. Xavier Grau, ...

OKO Business supplies ICT resources for the 37 Copa del Rey
The OKO Smartframe 10 models in the corridor of the Real Club Náutico de Palma The Royal Nautical Club of Palma chose OKO Business for the 37 Copa del Rey, held from 28 July to 4 August 2018. The OKO Business company, belonging to the CIMNE research centre of the Technical University of Cat...

1 - 6 [22]