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The CIMNE´s Youtube Channel reaches 2,000 subscribers

The CIMNE Multimedia Channel on Youtube has recently reached 2,000 subscribers. The repository, which has about four hundred videos, is distributed in different playlists to explain the wide activity of the CIMNE in terms of research and projects, technology transfer and scientific disseminat...


CIMNE researchers publish a paper in the American scientific magazine "International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification"

CIMNE researchers Santiago Badia, Jerrad Hampton and Javier Príncipe from the Large Scale Scientific Computing group have recently published the paper "Embedded multilevel monte carlo for uncertainty quantification in random domains" in the american scientific magazine Internat...


CIMNE´s Annual Report 2020 is available

CIMNE has launched its Annual Report 2020. The activity report of the centre is available on the website, which can also be downloaded in PDF format. The document explains research and dissemination activities carried out by the centre during 2020 by givin...


Study for the detection of ALS through the voice

The study on the detection of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) through the voice carried out by CIMNE researcher Alberto Tena has captured the interest of the media and social networks. The research is based on the analysis of the voice with artificial intelligence models that could allow the ea...


GiD partipates in Seminar on computational tools and numerical methods for engineering problems

On April 24th, 2021, GiD participated in the Seminar on computational tools and numerical methods for engineering problems, organized by Centre for Advanced Engineering, Research and Development (CIAID). The research Engineer at CIMNE and GiD developer Enrique Escolano presented the pre and post ...


Prof. Rainald Löhner explains flow of COVID particles in airplanes

Click and Scroll to see simulations Rainald Löhner, a professor of computational fluid dynamics at George Mason University in the US and a regular visiting scientist in CIMNE, has explained how the ventilation system of airplanes ensures air quality and prevents the propagations of pathogen pa...

1 - 6 [80]