CIMNE’s Dr. Pere-Andreu Ubach Advocates for Inflatable Breakwaters in Coastal Defence
Dr. Pere-Andreu Ubach, from the Civil and Environmental Engineering research group at CIMNE, this week defended the need to validate the effectiveness of inflatable breakwaters to minimize coastline erosion and promote the recovery of seagrass meadows. Speaking for local station Canal Blau of the G...

CIMNE researchers propose new methodology to improve tropospheric ozone forecasting
A group of researchers from the International Centre of Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) have proposed a new methodology for improving Machine Learning-based model forecasting of gound-level ozone (O3), a pollutant of photochemical origin that affects territories with high exposure...

CIMNE is preparing field testing at PLOCAN for isolated locations application of Cool Steam
Cool Steam is  is a desalination technology developed by the ICT-Natura department of CIMNE together with Fresh Water Nature spin-off. It is being tested on pilot scale at different field sites in order to evaluate its viability to produce affordable potable water on isolated locati...