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The Gavius project launches its first newletter

Recently, the Gàvius project has launched its first newsletter. Gàvius is an innovative project of the local administration to create a virtual assistant by using of artificial intelligence to able to communicate, process and grant citizens the social assistance they have at their d...


CIMNE researchers publish a paper in the American scientific magazine "International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification"

CIMNE researchers Santiago Badia, Jerrad Hampton and Javier Príncipe from the Large Scale Scientific Computing group have recently published the paper "Embedded multilevel monte carlo for uncertainty quantification in random domains" in the american scientific magazine Internat...


eFlows4HPC is now an affiliated project of the HiPEAC network

eFlows4HPC is now an affiliated project of the HiPEAC network. eFlows4HPC aims to deliver a workflow software stack and an additional set of services to enable the integration of HPC simulations and modelling with big data analytics and machine learning in scientific and industrial applications. Th...


CIMNE researchers publish a new paper about parallel algorithms on SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing

The CIMNE researchers Santiago Badia, Alberto F. Martín, Eric Neiva and Francesc Verdugo from Large Scale Scientific Computing Group have recently published the article "A Generic Finite Element Framework on Parallel Tree-Based Adaptive Meshes" on SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (Publis...