New Multiscale Method Enhances Powder Coating Simulations
Doctor Juan Marcelo Gimenez, from the Structural Mechanics research group at CIMNE, has unveiled a new methodology to improve simulation of the powder coating process, an eco-friendly finishing technique used across various industries to create a hard finish tougher than conventional paint...

Irene Arias, Michele Chiumenti and Julio García get professorships at Spanish Universities
The CIMNE researchers Drs. Irene Arias, Michele Chiumenti and Julio García have been recently appointed as Full Professors at Spanish Universities. Irene Arias Michele Chiumenti Julio García Drs. Arias and Chiumenti have got their Full Professorships...

Severo Ochoa PhD and Postdoc positions at CIMNE
CIMNE has launched the second call for recruitment of PhD and Postdoc candidates under the Severo Ochoa Centers of Excellence program funded by the Spanish Government. The call is open for candidates at different stages of their research careers: PhD students, Posdoc trainees and Postdoc researcher...